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Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our new look website.

This year we have been trading in art for 25 years.

We continue to stock a large variety of outstanding original art and have welcomed some exciting new artists to the Gallery over the last year.

To celebrate our silver anniversary we are highlighting the work of our own Whitby-based artist, Catherine Stephenson, who has been with the Gallery right from the start. Catherine’s work continues to amaze. You can only buy her original art from our Gallery and sales of her prints have made her the print publisher’s best-selling artist nationwide. Catherine is extremely talented with a versatile style.

Why not have a look for yourself – go on – enjoy! 

Shining a Spotlight on Some of the UK's Best Artists

Shining a Spotlight on Some of the UK's Best Artists

Throughout our 25th year of trading we have welcomed a number of new artists to the fold and want to take the opportunity to put them under the spotlight in this news section – learn what inspires them and the media they utilise in their work.

Graham Colthorpe

Graham is self-taught with a career spanning 45 years. He hails from Yorkshire and has exhibited around the county. He paints in watercolour, oils and acrylic. He likes to create dramatic light effects that make an ordinary scene into something special. His monochrome Whitby scenes are proving to be a big hit with our Whitby Gallery customers.


Click here to view Graham's work.

John Drake

John is based in the West Midlands and is a self-taught artist. Watercolour painting is his passion. His trips to Whitby have inspired him to paint a variety of scenes and subjects from the area and he manages to capture the essence of the town in his paintings. We are fortunate that he has chosen Whitby Galleries to showcase his work.


Click here to view John's work.

Val Gildroy

Val hails from Whitby and studied art and fashion design in the North East. Following a time teaching fashion illustration and visual studies at York College she had a career break to raise her family. Her favourite medium is watercolour. She loves the way that she can bleed the colours into each other. She is inspired by the coast and buildings of Whitby and has a varied portfolio.


Click here to view Val's work.

June Hardy

June is a self-taught artist and, over the years, has developed her distinctive, graphic style. Her work is strongly design-based and she likes to emphasise shapes and lines while omitting superfluous details. Her favourite theme is that of boats and the East coast. She works in gouache, acrylic and other mixed media.


Click here to view June's work.

Jake Jones

Jake relocated to North Yorkshire to pursue a full-time career in art. He is self-taught and his fresh, lively use of watercolour lends itself to painting the wild beauty of the county and its wildlife. His intention is to communicate a sense of peace and tranquillity. He is enjoying considerable success with his work, particularly with his small wildlife paintings  – our customers love them.


Click here to view Jake's work.

Lydia Streets

Lydia studied graphic design and illustration. Following graduation she worked for many years as a commercial designer. She comes from a family of artists and gains inspiration and advice from them. Her ideas for paintings come from nature and the world around. Her current series of work for the Gallery depict the adventures of a dog called Ted and show him in various locations around Whitby. Her favoured medium is pastel.

LS004   End of a long summers day small

Click here to view Lydia's work.

We hope these snippets have whet your appetite. Why not visit the individual artist’s pages on the site and have a browse through their work.


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