Whitby Galleries

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Alex Kerr

Alex Kerr was born in Manchester in 1985 and is a full-time artist living and working in Cumbria close to the beautiful Lake District.

He studied Fine Art at University and has been painting professionally since 2011.

Alex describes his painting as ‘Northern Art’ style. Painting in oil, acrylic, watercolour and charcoal, he specialises in landscapes and townscapes, particularly nocturnal scenes and the study of light, reflections, silhouettes and shadows.

Alex was a newcomer to Whitby Galleries in late 2016.

Sea Storm Whitby (AK36)

Oil / 21" x 17" framed / Price on Request

Sun Setting over Lighthouse (AK39)

Oil / 21" x 17" framed / price on request

The Bus Home (AK40)

Oil / 17" x 21" framed / price on request

Atomic Town (AK41)

Oil / 21" x 17" framed / price on request