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Antony Gardham

Antony Gardham lives in Whitby and comes from a family of artists. His father, a successful commercial artist and member of The Guild of Waterway artists, was quite influential in Antony's early love of art and his passion for painting water.

Antony's career took him down two different paths - one as a hand-painted sign writer and the other as a counselling and psychotherapy practitioner. Both of these have an established following.

He says: " My passion for art and mental health go hand in hand because I find my true self, and the most intense calm, whenever I pick up a paint brush." He often prescribes art to his clients when counselling as a tool to ease their distress. He believes art can do amazing things and evoke many emotions in people.

Whitby, the sea and the customer are Antony's main driving forces when he picks up a brush. He is immensely grateful when people respond to his work.

Antony paints with oil which is an ideal medium for his moody, evocative paintings.

Sandsend Sunset (AG14)


Beach Stroll (AG05)

Oil / 20" x 8" unframed / £75

Along the Promenade (AG11)

Oil / 29" x 23" framed / £310

Sandsend, Kettleness Nab (AG09)

Oil / 12" diameter / £75

East Pier by Moonlight (AG13)