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Catherine J. Stephenson

Catherine was born in North Yorkshire and began painting at an early age.

Her love of watercolour developed rapidly and, after a successful career in stained glass design, she made the decision to paint professionally.

Catherine is now a published artist and her prints are sold nationally and internationally with tremendous success. She has never felt the need to restrict the number of subjects she has painted and continues to search for new subjects and new inspirations.

Her original paintings are available exclusively at Whitby Galleries who she has supplied since it opened in 1993.

Catherine has four quite distinct ranges of work - Floral studies, 'Hope' trees and rabbits, City studies and Quirky seaside scenes. She's an incredibly versatile artist though and works hard to find new subjects and new media.

We've also have a selection of 'Extra Special' pieces too.  These are the paintings that Catherine has spent a particularly long time working on, the ones she releases only occasionally or the ones that have gone on to become extremely popular prints. 

For more information about Catherine and her work please visit her website at catherinejstephenson.com

Carrot Cottage School (CS1800)


You Light up my Life

Resin / 23.5" x 23.5"" unframed / £795 framed

The Allotment (CS1801)

Watercolour / 29.5" x 10" unframed / £3,600 unframed

Bay Hotel (CS1766)


Robin Hoods Bay (CS1770)


Bottom of 199 Steps (CS1791)

Watercolour / 23" x 23" framed / £250

Hope (CS1829)


Hydrangeas (CS1581)

Watercolour / 21.5" x 29" unframed / £1,800 unframed

Will You? (CS1841)


Allium Meadow (CS1582)

Watercolour / 25.5" x 31" framed / £1,895

Butterfly Flowers (CS1657)

Watercolour / 36" x 18" framed / £650

Hydrangea (CS1712)

Watercolour / 23" x 23" framed / £425

Venice (CS1640)

Ink / 31.5" x 16" framed / £715

Spring Floral Pods (CS1745)

Watercolour / 23" x 23" framed / £450

Monmatre, Paris (CS1244)

Ink / 17" x 17" framed / £625

Hope Bunny (CS1834)


Hope Bunny Family (CS1838)


Hope Bunny (CS1833)