Whitby Galleries

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Claire Baxter

Claire Baxter was born in Harrogate in 1978 and, as a child, was never happier than with a pack of crayons and a colouring book.

Claire completed a BA Hons. Degree in Fashion Design at Salford University in 2001 and then went on to teach Art at Secondary School level whilst painting semi-professionally. She left teaching altogether in 2014 to concentrate on her painting career.

She started supplying Whitby Galleries in 2013.  She says:-

“My inspiration comes from the environment around me - predominantly Yorkshire. I often paint places I know, bringing reality to these settings through observing relationships and everyday situations and being true to life. I love to use colour in my work as it enhances the fun element to my paintings and a strong use of light and dark gives the scenes depth. I rarely reveal the characters faces as it encourages anonymity and allows the viewer to narrate the picture and make it personal to them! George and Daphne are a loveable Yorkshire Couple who live in a wonderful world of bright colours and bubble trees. My intention is for us to relate to George and Daphne as they explore their quirky surroundings and express their tremendous love for each other.”

Picked For You (CB250)

Oil / 23" x 23" framed / £600

Loves First Kiss (CB260)

Oil / 29" x 17" framed / £940

Under the Moonlit Sky (CB259)

Oil / 25" x 19" framed / £560

Enjoying the Journey (CB257)

Oil / 25" x 19" framed / £560

We Belong Together (CB258)

Oil / 17" x 13" framed / £375