Whitby Galleries

Original Art & Quality Prints in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Jeff Streets

Jeffrey Phillip Streets was born in 1947 and currently lives and works in Royton, Oldham. He showed a natural talent for drawing at an early age, completing art school training before moving into advertising. For many years he ran his own art and design business, becoming a freelance illustrator and specialist architectural illustrator with many national and international accounts.

Jeff spends as much time as he can drawing and taking photos, trying to ‘catch the moment.’ He is well known for his inspirational urban landscape paintings of Manchester but is equally adept at portraying coastal scenes which allow him to exaggerate the quality of light in a way that often abstracts a scene. He is particularly inspired by Whitby and the surrounding villages. 

Jeff is a member of The British Society of Painters.

He began supplying Whitby Galleries in 2017.

Fishing Boats, Whitby (JST58)

Oil / 22" x 22" framed / £230

Harbour Yachts (JST57)

Oil / 22" x 22" framed / £230

Swing Bridge, Whitby (JST59)

Oil / 22" x 22" framed / £230

Staithes (JST40)

Acrylic / 22" x 25" framed / £275

Staithes (JST66)

Acrylic / 22" x 22" framed / £230

Sunshine over Whitby (JST62)

Oil / 25" x 22" framed / £275

Resting Boats (JST41)

Acrylic / 22" x 25" framed / £275

Cherry Blossom (JST53)

Oil / 22" x 22" framed / £230