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June Hardy

June joined Whitby Galleries in 2018.

June is a self-taught artist. She has always had a creative streak but it was not until 2004 that she decided to concentrate on painting.

Over the years she has developed her graphic style. Her work is strongly design based.  Shapes and lines are strengthened and exaggerated while superfluous details are left out.

June works in series from her own sketches and photographs - landscapes, still lives and natural forms all feature.  Her favourite theme is that of boats and the east coast, working in gouache, acrylic and mixed media.

She enjoys all the subjects she tackles and each series informs another.

Floral (JH12)

Mixed Media / 15" x 24" framed / £135

Floral Garden (JH13)

Mixed Media / 15" x 24" framed / £135