Whitby Galleries

Original Art & Quality Prints in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Laura Ward

Laura lives in Hampshire but has a bond with Whitby that stems from childhood visits, culminating in getting married in the area.

She is a self taught artist who gained inspiration and knowledge from both her grandfather, an oil artist, and her stepfather, a graphic designer.

Laura now uses acrylics combined with paper collage - the paper elements adding texture and a narrative to her paintings. She loves to reuse old books and newspapers giving them a new life in her art. 

If you look closely at at her work you will find small secrets and hidden details that not only show the place as it looks, but also weave in the history of the location - it might be a map, text from relevant books, a person's face or signatures of past residents.

Her art is inspired by the beautiful places she has visited with a focus on the buildings and nature of those locations. Each piece has a timeless quality that enables the owner of the piece to imagine whatever time in history they wish.

Safe Haven (LW03)

Mixed Media / 16" x 12.5" framed / £105

Grape Lane (LW02)

Mixed Media / 12.5" x 16" framed / £105

Lobster Pots (LW07)

Mixed Media / 16" x 12.5" framed / £105

The Shambles (LW04)

Mixed Media / 12.5" x 16" framed / £105

Bring Me That Horizon (LW05)

Mixed Media / 16" x 12.5" framed / £105

Peeking Through (LW06)

Mixed Media / 16" x 12.5" framed / £105