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Lydia Streets

Lydia Streets studied art at school and then completed an HND in graphic design and illustration, graduating in 2001.

For the last 19 years she has been a commercial designer, working for some of the leading retailers in Britain.

Her passion for fine art has been a constant; she comes from a family of artists who give her advice and inspiration.

Lydia gains her ideas from nature and the world around and tries to recreate special moments experienced when she can stop and look around and see how beautiful the world is.

Her visits, with family, to Whitby have given rise to her current series of pastels which also include her pet dog Ted.  The series has been named “The Marvellous Adventures of Ted”

Lydia joined Whitby Galleries in 2018.

The Pit Stop (LS068)


Shores of Sansend (LS059)

Pastel / 22" x 18" framed / price on request

Waiting for Our Ship to come in (LS049)

Pastel / 18" x 22" framed / price on request

The Lighthouse Gang (LS070)


Road to Sandsend (LS063)

Pastel / 18" x 22" framed / price on request

Watching The Sun Go Down (LS069)

Pastel / 18" x 22" framed / price on request