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Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson was born in Co Durham in 1947.

He was a keen painter at school and had his first exhibition when he was only 15 years old. In prior days he used mainly poster and oil paints as these were the easiest paints to get hold of.

In 1994 Rob returned to painting and very quickly found a liking for watercolours. His main subjects are the coastlines and landscapes of the North of England, trying to create light, atmosphere and impact in his paintings.

Rob is a member of the British Watercolour Society and a Fellow of the International Guild of Artists. His work has often been highly commended at numerous exhibitions. He started supplying Whitby Galleries in 2007.

Sunrise Whitby (RW606)

Watercolour / 23" x 19" framed / £210

Staithes (RW603)

Watercolour / 19" x 23" framed / £210

Fishing Cobles (RW604)

Watercolour / 23" x 19" framed / £210

Low Tide Whitby (RW601)

Watercolour / 24" x 15" framed / £165

The Return (RW585)

Watercolour / 23" x 19" framed / £210

Whitby Abbey (RW594)

Watercolour / 15" x 24" framed / £165