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Sandie Coe

Sandie Coe was born in London in 1950 and grew up in Norfolk.

She is a completely self-taught artist, usually painting in oils.

Sandie’s paintings are typically small in size, painted in considerable detail. Using a warm palette, she creates timeless, unspoilt images which give her paintings universal and lasting appeal.

Sandie also produces miniature paintings for dolls houses, many of which have been featured in the following publications:

Dolls House and Miniature Scene, Dolls House World and Artisans in Miniature.

Sandie exhibits in selected galleries in the U.K. and has supplied Whitby Galleries since 2001.

To The Beach (SC136)


Stile (SC155)

Oil / 11" x 11" framed

Blue Poppies (SC143)


Red Poppies (SC152)


Foxgloves (SC147)

Oil / 11" x 11" framed

Blue Poppies (SC154)